Hauser MBC

We are a local, visible, scriptural New Testament church body, striving to spread God’s Word to edify not just the members (born again children of God), but to encourage and edify visitors from near and far to come to know Jesus Christ as their own personal savior, if not already. If local, then encouragement to join this body as a member and help keep the cycle going while we wait upon Jesus’ return.

General Service Times: (located amongst the calendar for further detail)

Sunday mornings: 10a beginning with Sunday School.
Sunday evenings: Bible Study at 6p.
Wednesdays: Bible Study at 6p.

We are located in the town of Hauser, OR on Wildwood Rd, which has 3 access points to/from Highway 101.

Coming from Reedsport, it’s recommended to take the first exit, which you will see the Wagon Wheel convenience store, as you won’t need to back track.

If you’re coming from North Bend / Coos Bay, it’s recommended to take the second exit, which is at the base of the hill where the passing lane begins.